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A Plus InterChange

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about us

A Plus® is a UK brand of premium laboratory glassware. This range is inspired by those who perform cutting edge scientific work and appreciate that the best value is found as a combination of price and quality. We really hope that you enjoy using the glassware as much as we imagine you do!


We produce the most reliable and high quality solution you are looking for. 

Museum Jar

Glass storage jars which have a perfect seal for preservation of specimens over periods of time.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your glass needs.

Joint ware / Interchange

Laboratory glassware with interchangeable joints, ground to make the perfect connection between laboratory equipment. Numerous product and sizes available to fit your needs.


Heating Equipment through to retort stands and bosshead.

Looking for . . . . . . . . convenient long lasting high quality  excellent kits/sets?

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Specimen Jar . . . . . . . . Long Lasting High Quality Excellent Seal

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